Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The First Step (to by folllowed by many more)

Today I signed myself and Marc up for the Marine Corps Marathon. I'm very excited as this is another one of my goals that I set for myself and I intend on keeping. My only goal for the race is to actually finish it before the course is closed. I'm already nervous and I know that this will be difficult, but this is a challenge that I really want to overcome.

2006 really does seem to be my year, so what better way to round out the experience? I'm also really looking forward to training with Marc too. He is such a great runner and he really helps me through.

I'm also wishing Sarah well, even though it looks like she might not be doing the MCM, I know that she will be a great to her partner in training and will kick Philly's butt this year.

Oooh, last thing. I have to admit that it gave me a thrill and a half to sign up as Kate Burgess. Woo hoo!!!


Sarah said...

Congratulations! I'll be kicking Richmond's ass this year; not Philly's! (I've had *enough* of Philly). I'm sure you will all kick MCM's ass, as well. I'm glad I get to train with Mary, but it would be great if you guys could all meet each other. I'd feel more comfortable knowing she knew someone there (I'm so overprotective!) You've already done a half-marathon, so I wouldn't worry at all about this. You'll both be great!

Kate said...

If she runs slow like me I'd love to work with you guys on your training!!