Friday, April 21, 2006

Happy Days!!

This week has been a long one. Its been kind of hard getting adjusted to being away from Marc and the girls, but I think I'm starting to slip into a bit of a routine, which is nice. We had our first exam in class today, and I missed 3 out of 50 so I wasn't too upset. I'm only mad because I had the correct answer for two of them and then changed them at the last second, so I would have only missed one had I just trusted my instinct!

I also got one of my grades back from Grad School. I got an A in my Organizational Behavior class for my MBA. I got 100%, which makes me happy, though we don't have +/- grades so no one will ever know. I will though! Very nervous about getting the grade for my Program Management class...that was a very difficult class and was the bane of my existence the past several months. Thank goodness it is over now!!

Let's see. I have a decent weekend planned. I got all my homework done today so that I could play on the beach all weekend. Lainie and her family and I will go to Pensacola tomorrow and get some rays...I just can't get too many tan lines b/c I'm two months away from a wedding dress!!

Oh, other fun news to report. We went clothes shopping yesterday and got some really cute stuff. We both have lost weight and didn't have spring clothes, so it was a necessity. My sense of style has really changed in the past several months, and I even bought, are you ready?, a half sweater. I make fun of people for those but my friends all said it looked cute and it was pretty cute so I went for it. I also bought a really nice white dress that I am going to wear for the honeymoon. Such a pretty fun summer dress...I can't wait to show off my tan.

I'm doing great with the weightloss. I really don't feel too fat anymore, especially since we've been working out a lot and lifting weights as well. I haven't run since Tuesday...I'm having some trouble fitting it in. I intend on getting up at aobut 7 tomorrow and running though. I really want to run tonight but I'm waiting to go to the gym with Lainie and it also looks like its going to rain at any moment and I hate getting caught out there.

One question-does anyone have an opinion on Mp3 players or Ipods? I definitely need a new form of music player since mine is so big and bulky and doesn't play many used to be the top of the line...but 3 long years have passed. Thanks in advance.


Sarah said...

I have the mini ipod for running and I LOVE it. It's super light and it makes running so much easier. I think those are out now, and have been replaced by the nano, which my sister has. The nano is even LIGHTER than the mini and she can't get enough of it. Apple stands behind their products and I would definitely suggest one of their products over an mp3 player.
Glad to hear you got to go shopping for new spring clothes!! That's always a fun time (especially when you get to do it because your old clothes are too big!!) Where are you going on your honeymoon??