Sunday, April 09, 2006

Run For Hospice

This weekend has been an interesting one for sure. This is the last weekend that I am at home before the wedding-that's right, I'm gone for the next 2 1/2 months to Florida for a training class for work. So its very bittersweet this weekend, especially since I had such a great time with my friends. On Friday, Marc and I went up to Waldorf and went shopping, no big deal. We also started watching X-Men 2, as he is gearing me up for the new movie coming out next month (which I will have to see alone, unless I can talk my friend Bill into coming with me in Florida!) but didn't finish it as we had a race early Saturday morning. We got up for the Hospice Run pretty early and although I was feeling pretty icky (long story, I've been to the Dr. several times, and I'm waiting for some blood test results...not fun) I was pretty excited about the run. When we got there we saw a lot of our friends that we knew were running the 10k race (Mike, Sean, Jamie, Liam) like Marc, but I was afraid I'd be all alone on the 5k course (no big deal, I always run alone!) Lo and behold, our friend Stephanie (also a Purdue grad) was there and she was running the 5k. She said she was going to run/walk it, but we made a pact to run as much of it as we could. And we did. We had a great time together and I know that she made me run better than I would have all alone. Near the finish line she started yelling out people that we needed to pass, and we fought our way into 87 and 88 place (out of 170) I like to say that I was third place in the bottom half, so I get a medal (in my made up competition!). Our time was 33:59 and I was pretty happy with that. My "healthy" goal was 30 minutes, but my "sick" goal was under 35 so I felt pretty good about it. I know that I can do it better next year, and although I'll surely be ready for the 10k I think I'll do the 5 just for a rematch!

After the race we all went to CiCi's pizza, which is just a cheap pizza place. I must say I am in love with the BBQ pizza, I want to eat it all the time, but somehow I feel Weight Watchers (and my waistline) would frown upon that. After that, Marc and I went back to the house and struggled our way through making a timeline for the reception (this is much harder than I'd like to think) and then tried to make the wedding program, but we just can't make decisions on the timeline for the evening. Most of it is simple logistics, and you'd think, since that's my field, it wouldn't be so hard for me. But we only have so much time to work with, and that's the part I'm having trouble with. I'll have to poll the WW girls and see what they think. We watched a little more of X-Men 2 last night, but I was feeling worse so I went to bed early-thank God because I was up all night feeling horrible.

This morning we gave the cats baths, which is always a great time. I need to go finish packing for Florida. Its very hard to leave for 2 months and have any idea what the heck you need to bring with you. I've been told to bring stuff to cook with, and I've also been told to bring a lot of recreational items. Luckily I have a good sized vehicle, but this is just tough. What's more distressing is that Marc and I are going to have to plan the seating chart and everything from a distance, but I brought the place cards so I can hopefully write those up with my girlfriend Lainie who will be down there with me. Tonight we're having tacos over at my friend Mindy's house. She is just the sweetest girl ever and she felt badly about missing my bridal shower (and bacheloerette party) so she wanted to have us both over. What an awesome gal.

Better go put some more peroxide in my cat bath wounds!


Sarah said...

Glad to hear you had a fun time at the run! My sister was there and I was hoping to be able to run it, as well, but was on my way back from Vancouver that day. I hope you feel better soon! Are you going to Florida for work for two months? Nonetheless, at least the weather will be a little nicer!

Marc said...

I'm so proud of you honey- you did great! I know you're going to come back from AMO school and be an awesome runner.