Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter (From Florida)

Well, this has been far from a happy Easter, but I think the day has gone as bad as it can already, so it won't get much worse. Let me backtrack a little here, I got to Milton, Florida yesterday afternoon for AMO school. I got here about an hour before check-in and they told me I would have to wait. I'd been in the car for 5 hours, and wanted to "cut loose" so I decided to go on a run around base and get myself acqainted with the area. I did run for about an hour (in 90 degree weather) and then I got back and checked into my room. Well, when I got to my room there was no electricity and they said it would be out for several hours. Mind you I've just emptied the car in the 90 degree heat and I'm still sweaty from my run so I must take a shower. Well, the bathroom has no windows so I had a nice shower in the dark. Thank goodness I eat my carrots or I wouldn't have even been able to make out the shadows! I got a stroke of luck next though because I decided to go to the Commisary and get groceries. They were closing in 10 minutes, so I was lucky that I got all the "fixin's" for lunch this week and cereal for milk, as well as an ungodly amount of rice cakes (so many different flavors!)

So yesterday was mediocre. Today is awful. Lainie and I decided that we wanted to go to sunrise service on the beach. I printed directions out before we left Maryland, talked to a couple of people and had it all squared away. Well 2 hours and $4 later (in tolls) we still weren't at the "Clam Shell" which was described to me as a big bandshell on the boardwalk. Then, on our way off this island (took us an hour to find the right place) we turned around in a parking lot and I saw this little tiny pink clamshell in the distance. We decided that there was no way we could have missed a boardwalk, but we went over towards the clam shell. Then we see this big sign that says "Boardwalk" and about 500 people leaving the clamshell area. The "Boardwalk" was actually a strip mall, there is no pier or nothing. That clamshell is smaller than a shed. It was ridiculous. So Lainie and I drove to this other little empty beach that we had passed about 10 times before and said the Lord's Prayer in unison and then prayed ourselves. Oh, did I mention that we had been up since 5 am to get to this ridiciulous service? Both us had been hoping that the other would cancel, but neither of wanted to be the one to do so, so we suffered through. And that isn't even the worst part of the day. I get back to my room and Housekeeping says "Um, we found a roach in your bed". I said "ok, get it out and all its little friends". They are not allowed to spray and they'll have to get the place fumigated and I guess that they are all out of rooms so it looks like I'm in the roach motel. Oh well, not like I didn't pick up enough germs at the Waffle House where we ended up for our Easter Breakfast. That was a disaster and I'll save the social commentary for another time, but lets just say that we left that with full bellies and broken hearts. It was just awful.

Now that I got the computer working though, I'm in a better mood. I think I'm going to try to get some ironing done (oh who am I kidding, I think I'll fluff the stuff in the dryer) and take a little nap or something. I'm going to wait until about 5 pm to run. I would have done it this morning but by the time we got back we were so hungry we didn't know what to do with ourselves.

I miss Marc a lot. I don't like being away from him because he makes me happy. But I also have to remind myself that we get married in less than 10 weeks!


Sarah said...

I can't even begin to imagine how I would have reacted if someone told me they found a roach in my bed. That is *so* gross. Sorry you had such a yucky couple of days!! Hopefully things will improve soon and, like you said, you're getting married in 10 weeks!! :-)

Marc said...

I am so sorry honey! I'm thinking that your trip has nowhere to go but up. If I were you I would keep a very specific list of everything that sucks about this trip and use it to improve conditions for future Loggie Interns.
It'll be over soon! I love you!