Monday, June 30, 2008

Birthday Update: Friday

I have many stories from my birthday and I will seperate them into several posts because it really was an eventful weekend. Since I don't have my camera with me to upload the photos, I'll update you on Friday, which was the least eventful of the days and there aren't any pictures from it anyway.

The day I turned 28 was a good one. I woke up early, snuggled with the kitties, and got ready for my MRI appointment. Let me tell you, I was lucky that it was just my knee because even that was pretty uncomfortable, sitting still for 40 minutes or so (while I was reading my book, so it wasn't all bad) while my knee did this weird involuntary twitching. They made me a cool cd to take to my doctor and I looked at it but it doesn't mean anything to me. Hopefully it will just be like "here, pop a pill and you'll be all better" but I really don't see that happening. It will probably be "there is nothing wrong with you, you shouldn't be feeling pain". But the MRI isn't the fun part of the morning. The fun part was me driving to the MRI, which I did in a sort of silent reflection on my life (with music blaring in the background). I am finally feeling good. I think that time in the cottage was good for me. I feel like I'm willing to try new things, I've got some confidence back, I feel healthier, and I just feel content. I'm trying my best at work everyday, I have great friends, and life is just good. So I sort of felt the sunshine on me that morning and it felt good. I'm vowing to worry less and have more fun with my life, so that should be good if I can follow through. I certainly did this weekend!!

The rest of Friday didn't go exactly was planned. We'd taken the boat out on Thursday only to realize that there was an issue with the engine. Which threatned to thwart our Saturday plans. So Mircea called around and the $4 part that we needed could only be purchased in Baltimore. That's right, BALTIMORE! He got out of work at lunchtime and we drove up the 2 hours to the marina to get the part. And then we turned right back around. We had planned on going to the River Concert Series at St. Mary's College, but the weather was a little stormy and frankly, I wanted to go to Trader Joe's in Annapolis, so that is what we did. We got all kinds of yummy treats, which we broke into for the ride home (who knew two people could eat a huge jar of fantastic green olives on the way home?) and just had a good time enjoying each other's company. We got home and there was a box on the porch...a box of flowers that Mircea had sent to the house for my birthday and that had unfortunately wilted out on the porch because I wasn't there to pick them up. He was like "i had a decision to make, and i figured it was better to go up and have fun in baltimore together". So that's my sweetie!!

Ok, so Friday was mundane, but still fun. Saturday is even better, so just wait. :-)

Oh, and shout out to Sean who sent me an awesome birthday gift. We know each other's Amazon wishlist so well, so it's always easy to please. Thanks again-the soundtrack helped my train of thought and the book will help me with my goal!


Missy said...

well, even if it didn't turn out exactly as planned, it sounds like a good birthday! :)

drqshadow said...

God bless the Amazon wishlist!