Monday, June 23, 2008

Food Review: Veggie Sub, Subway

I bet this is pretty decent for other people. At my crappy little podunk Subway on base where they basically throw the food at you, I had a different experience. Now I knew the veggie sub wouldn't be all that thrilling, I grant you this. I wanted a sub on wheat bread with spinach, tomatoes, and black olives...with a little oil and vinegar on top to "gel" it all together. I got exactly that, but it's the quanities that were a little warped. I counted, believe me, I counted. 8 leaves a spinach, 3 slices tomato (1.5 in diameter) 15 black olive slices and a little bit of oil and vinegar (he definitely had that amount correct, but not for the ratio of other veggies he provided me. I ate the sandwich in approximately 2 minutes (so sad) because it was basically just slightly oily bread...but it was good, and I was hungry and if I can somehow convey that I want more veggies that would be great. I knew I should have gone off base, but you know, if I hadn't packed a disgusting lunch I wouldn't have gone anywhere, thereby saving gas, and for the greater good-the environment.

So the sub is good, just not at that Subway.


federal vegan (kate) said...

I just tell the sandwich maker to keep adding. "More cucumbers please. And still more. More please." Like Oliver Twist. :) The sweet peppers are what makes it though.

Thanks for all the comments on my blog. Maybe we *are* the same person, I'm working up to a 5k too. How's it been going since you last updated the running blog?

Vegan Next Door said...

Get a footlong next time. That way you can be twice as disappointed. :-) I too live in Southern Maryland so I feel your pain. It's unfortunate Subway is as vegetarian as it gets.

Stephany said...

I hate subway for that reason...I went in out of desperation the other day for a wrap because my pita was so soggy - I asked for ham and turkey wrap, two slices of meat, that's it, two cucumber slices, like 4 spinach leaves it was ridiculous - for the price, I'd like a little more in that tortilla please!

If you have chipotle, go there you can get rice and beans in a tortilla or bowl - you can also get a bean burriot or taco from taco bell