Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It Was Fun While It Lasted

Mircea and I have been watching Euro 2008 because Romania was playing, attempting to get into the quarterfinals. I have never watched a game of soccer in my entire life, and had some trouble with the rules (I still really don't understand off-sides) but I do love that it is commerical free, fast-paced, and kind of fun. We watched the first game, Romania vs. France, and it was pretty fun and a great way to spend the afternoon. On Sunday, Mircea said, "hey sweetie, will you find out when Romania plays again?" and so I went to Comcast and got on ESPN2 and looked for the airing of the game. I said "2 am on Wednesday morning" and he said "oh we'll get up for that." So we did. Our alarm went of at 2 am this morning. We got up, took our pillows and blanket to the couch, and watched the game on the big screen with the kitties (who were very confused but happy to cuddle). The first half of the game goes by. Then half time. And at 70 minutes, one of the commentators said "tonight at 8 we'll find out if Boston won the NBA title" to which I said "$*#@! this isn't live" and we went on the Internet and saw that the game had already happened and Romania had already lost. Son of a gun! We laughed and turned off the tv and went back to bed. That alarm came pretty quickly and we both had some trouble getting up, but it was totally worth it. Oh well, the World Cup is in 2 years I believe, so we'll hopefully be back and ready in 2010!

A side note: I have a sports crush on Adrian Mutu. Though I just read he tested positive for cocaine several years ago, which I'm not a big fan of, I guess I like how Romanian he is. Apparently I have a thing for those guys!


Missy said...

I know absolutely nothing about soccer, other than you kick the ball.
I do find it amusing though that the 2 of you actually got up at 2 am to watch it. You're both crazy.

Patty said...

GO FRANCE!!!!!!!!!! Let's see if I remember what offsides is. It's when your defense is in front of their offensive, there's like this invisible line. Can't remember for certain.

Did you ask Mircea?

Sarah said...

That story's hilarious--sorry they lost, though!