Monday, June 16, 2008

A Photo Tour of My San Diego Trip

I spent a week in San Diego for an Unmanned Air Vehicle trade show (AUVSI). It was really fun, but there was also a lot of downtime, so I got to spend some time by the pool and out with my friends. I was lucky enough to see George for lunch, but my dearest Rebecca was in Ohio, enjoying a training class. I know I'll see her again-I know it!
x-ray vision or beer goggles? We went out for some drinks in Little Italy and it was fun. Here I am wearing some glasses. I think they make me look more intelligent. so yummy Some yummy gelato. The fruit flavors were dairy-free so I had a triple threat of pear, banana and melon. Delicious!
Some pretty flowers on my walk back to the hotel from my tour of San Diego. (It was an eating tour on the last day. I had to walk it off, slowly, so I stopped to smell the roses)


Missy said...

I love the glasses. They definitely make you look intelligent, in a weird sort of way. :)

Stephany said...

Ok funny You went to San Diego and Adam got back when you arrived from San Diego from the base... weird world!

Oh keep the glasses smarty pants!