Monday, April 21, 2008

Running, Walking, Kayaking

In an effort to get back into my love/hate relationship with running I signed up for the Army 10 Miler, on October 5 in Washington D.C. I’m pretty excited about it, and sure I can run 10 miles again by October. Lindsay may be joining me, which will be nice. We’re also planning on running the Marine Corps 10k, because neither of us will be ready for a marathon at that point, but I’m hoping that eventually we will be and can do one together. (We’re also planning on doing the Breast Cancer 3-Day next year-we had some time issues this year which would have made it nearly impossible).

Patty also emailed me today asking if I wanted to run a race, so I’m taking it as a sign that I really need to get back into running. I’m feeling so much healthier and I’m losing weight following a vegan diet, that running again seems like a natural choice for me.

I bought a kayak last weekend. I know really random, right? I’ve been wanting one for awhile and got a great deal on it, and I’m going out with my friend on Sunday for a kayaking adventure. (Well, we’re going around on base and to a little island, but it will be an adventure) I think it will be really fun and terrifying (my fear of snakes and long grass is almost debilitating) and will be a nice activity.

**I have a great picture for this post but blogger is being a turd and I can't post it.)


Missy said...

blogger was being stupid for me today too, it took a few tries...
all this physical activity you are doing is making me feel lazy. maybe I should get off the couch. maybe.

Missy said...

BTW I gave you a blog award today, if you are interested in some bloggy love. :)