Monday, April 28, 2008

The Fat Vegan

I haven't weighed myself in two weeks. All of a sudden I feel fat as a moo cow because I know I've been eating more oils and nuts then I used to. However, I'm not eating any other "fat laden" items, I am still consuming a lot of fat. I'm trying hard not to feel like a lard-o, but I think I'm going to have to go back to my house and get the scale to either prove or disprove my fatness.

I am started looking into some more vegan cooking. A lot of the recipes look great, and I'm going to experiment a little more this week. Mircea's mom has decided that she wants to eat vegan too, but she is romanian and a meat lover, so she is going to have meat once a week. I guess every little bit helps, and she's so cute helping me cook and asking me all kinds of questions about how we can make something healthier and vegan. I did make some yummy zucchini yesterday, but it had olive oil in it, so there's some more fat. I feel like there is no winning in all of this.

I think I should have called this post the "Tubby Vegan" because that is how I feel today. Tubby!