Thursday, April 03, 2008

Day 11: The Cravings Begin

I want some pizza, slathered in cheese. Fresh grated mozzarella cheese, with basil and tomatoes. Oh, it tastes so delightful in my mouth. I will not be having this pizza...but I will be craving it. I'm almost halfway through the challenge. I'm down 7 lbs, feel a lot healthier (despite the cold I picked up last night) and have a ton more energy.

I made Mircea a vegan dinner last night and he thought it was pretty good. It was very filling, but a little flavorless, as I accidently left my spice rack at his house and only had cumin and chipotle powder... I borrowed some salt from a neighbor.

Since I feel sick, I am going into hiberation mode, so I've been sitting at my desk eating Mi-Del ginger snap cookies all day. They are made with whole wheat, canola oil and cane sugar, so they aren't overprocessed. I feel guilty though-mawing on cookies isn't all that healthy but I feel like a slug today, it's all gloomy outside and damnit, I want to.

No matter how hard I try this tea doesn't taste like a cheese pizza. But it still burns the roof of my mouth.