Saturday, July 14, 2007

Not Falling Back Into the Past

I had a rough couple of days there, where I really hit rock bottom and felt like there was not hope for the future. Not about me and Mircea, but just in general, I felt like my life was so overwhelming and I couldn't handle it. Well, it is so overwhelming, but I CAN handle it. I'm really making an effort on not being so hard on myself. Not judging myself constantly and rehashing all my transgressions in my life. Day 3 and it's already quite liberating. I also read a book which really enlightened me and I hope to really adopt those ideas because I feel they will make my life so much more livable.

I read, The Four Agreements, and the first 16 pages of it blew my mind. It was so simple, it was so obvious, yet, so hard to grasp sometimes. I think that everyone should read it (happy or not) because it really speaks a lot to human nature and how to interact with others. I don't want to go too much into it unless someone has some questions, because I don't want to seem like preachy-preacherton, but let's just say the book talks a lot about setting ourselves free from our own judgement and realizing that each day is ours. Simple stuff right? It blew my freakin' mind.

This past year has been such a journey for me. There are times when I've felt so low, times I felt so high, times that I thought I'd never get through this, and times when I didn't want to, I just wanted to stay in the moment. I'm a late bloomer on this whole "grown-up" thing and I have a long way to go, but nothing in the past year hasn't made me stronger and I've learned so much about myself and the journey I want to take for my life.


Sarah said...

I *loved* the four agreements!

Missy said...

Eh, who really wants to be a grown-up anyway? It's overrated. ;)
But, glad to see that you are in a happier mood!

mm said...

This post made me smile. I'm so glad you are feeling better. Though I haven't read the book, I skimmed the reviews and I really dig the message.
I like preachy mcpreacherton!
Horray for positivity!

chantelle said...

Glad you are doing better! :) Missy's right, being a grown up is overrated...

Yay! I can comment again! Maybe blogger has forgiven me for being a bad doobie and not posting more!