Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Oh the Places I have Been

Where Have You Been?

Hopefully I will get to travel some more for work, but at this point, I think I've been most places that we've have Naval bases, so the odds of me expanding my domestic travels for work are slim. Hopefully soon I'll be able to add some countries to this!


Missy said...

I should do one of these maps, since everyone else has!

mm said...

you've def. been to more places than me...haha

Marc said...

You are so cheating. You can't count states that you've only driven through! I say you have to have done something there other than make a rest stop. ;-)

Kate said...

Oh you lie! The only state that is questionable is West VA, but I've driven through it a million times. My classification for having "been there" is that I spent the night there, or did a definite "event" in each location.

Don't forget I HAVE travelled without YOU in tow.