Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Anyone But 24

While driving to work today I was noticing a lot of interesting bumper stickers. I mean really, it was like "Bumper Sticker" day, and I was noticing them all. Once I got on base, the one I saw that really made me think was the "Anyone but 24" bumper sticker, that I've not found out supports the Fans Against Gordon site. This big ol' truck went so far as to have a sticker that was a picture of a screw with a 24 over it. It seems that these people don't care who wins, as long as it isn't Jeff Gordon (who is hot, but cocky as hell). I was really surprised that there wasn't a Calvin peeing on 24 on this guy's truck, but hey, he's got class right? Ok, so this is interesting enough, but the part that cracked me up is when we got to a traffic light and another red truck pulls up behind him. This truck is LOADED with Jeff Gordon bumper stickers, and this guy is a supporter. I can't imagine the guy in the back truck, just fuming over the animosity towards his beloved Gordon. I actually looked over at him in his truck and I could see him shaking his head at the car in front of him. I had to laugh. The moral of the story: Nascar is lame. HA! I'm just being a meanie.


Sarah said...

I don't know much about NASCAR, but I think it's hilarious that so many fans hate Jeff Gordon *so* much. He must be an uber ass or something.