Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Tad Overwhelmed

Where are my puffy kitties when I need them? I just need kitten kisses and hugs and I miss Fernie and Lily so much. I call Marc and say "Send me pictures of the kitties" and he says "All they do is sit" and I say "Please..." and all the pictures look the same, but I am still happy. He said that the cats really like his girlfriend and I think that's good. We raised our girls well!

I hate school. I have the wrong book for my strategic planning class and the wrong brain for my math class. It really sucks. And I should probably stop blogging and get on with the damned strategy class, but I want to just sleep. I've been at work since 5:15 because our contractor wanted to come in early and the guy who is usually here is out sick so I volunteered to come in at the ass crack of dawn to open the doors. I regret that, but I'll regret it more tomorrow. Ha, I can leave work now, but I think I'll stay longer to make up for the fact that I leave early for PT. Speaking of which, I thought my abs and buns class was last night...I got intercepted by Fred who worked my butt off again. I start to dread him. I think I'm going to go on a run tonight on base. I have this crazy fear of running and I need to make it fun again. Wish me luck!!


Missy said...

Sorry that your classes are tough - and I hate math too, so I understand (sort of)
Good luck!