Wednesday, February 14, 2007 it the glasses?

I love MyHeritage. It always makes me feel good about myself because it claims I look like Anne Hathaway and Katherine Heigel. I'm ok with this. I've always thought that it doesn't really go for people you look like, it goes for people that have their face positioned the same way as you have yours. So I decided to test it with my glasses. Hmmm....turns out I look like all these people. Or do my glasses look the same? And who the hell is Patrick Stump? He seems like the kind of guy who went to my high school.


Patty said...

you know, you could be James Spader's kid. Honestly, the smile and chin very similar. CALL FOR A DNA TEST! You could have an actor daddy!

The hair color is similar...hmmmm.

chantelle said...

Patrick Stump is the lead singer of Fall Out Boy...just though you'd be interested...LOL.

mm said...

Chester! hahaha! Stupid myheritage. I love it when fat, ugly people get all excited and tell everyone how it said they look 78% like Scarlett Johanson/Ben Affleck or something. I sit back, roll my eyes and ask them who there # 2 was.