Friday, February 02, 2007


As some of you probably read, I'm lucky enough to have Anonymous as one of my "friends" and it was not, as believed, one of Marc's friends or family members. Though I am no longer linked to Marc's blog and they aren't reading this, I owe them an apology for distrusting that they were following the rules of "reading, but no posting" on my blog.

As for the fact that Anonymous was one of the people I know, that makes me realize how much I don't know about my "friends" but it also makes me realize that you can't run away from nasty things that people say.

In a couple of months I'll probably switch back to PurdueKate. And at the time will totally revamp the blog and maybe, just maybe, learn some HTML so I can make this thing look pretty.

I also haven't posted the funny post yet b/c its mostly photos and I can't get them to post correctly. Maybe once I get back home...damn!


chantelle said...

I should apologize for my comment, also. Having not known exactly who was leaving those comments I shouldn't have said what I did.

Ok...conscience clear. Hope you have agreat weekend, Kate.

Patty said...

SCREW THAT! I'm not making any apologizes, kiss my big yellow behind! I stand by the fact that Anonymous is a Chicken $hit (I'm trying to watch my swearing, apparently I have a mouth like a sailor. I like sailors, so fuck it!).

Funny how they were the first suspects, wonder why? HMMMMM Well...if you hit me over the head with a shovel four times, if I get on the head with a shovel again, the past has shown you're the asshole who hit me so I'm going to you first. By the way if you hit me with a shovel in real life, expect me to get REALLY upset.

Either way, kharma is coming for someone!

Anonymous said...

If someone was to hit Patty in the head with a shovel, I would expect her to fall and start bleeding. Upset might come after the comma.

Jim said...

Kate, thanks for the apology. I’m sorry your first reaction was to blame someone in our family, but I can understand how that happened. Patty and anonymous, you both need to chill.