Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Nothing Too Exciting

Not much going on in my life right now. I've been going to the personal trainer and he has been kicking my rear end. I can barely walk most days but I feel pretty good about it. I was supposed to meet him tonight, but instead I've got a Valentine's date with him now, even though he's probably my sworn enemy. I stopped doing the South Beach diet b/c it is lame. Well, I thought about it some more and realized that even if I lost a little bit of weight on this it wasn't the lifestyle revamp I needed. (I really just need a reminder and refresher of my good eating habits) I've definitely introducted healthier foods into my diet since I started it and I will continue with those. Fred (the pt) and I are working on an eating plan to help me cut down on my spare tire and help me have enough energy for all my workouts. I wanted to take the night off but I think I'm going to go do some cardio after I talk to my sweetie. Speaking of my wonderful man, he's coming to visit this weekend. I'm very excited as we've made some fun plans. Friday we're going to tour the Midway and then pick up dinner at Coronado Brewing Company. On Saturday we'll start the day at Sea World and then finish the evening with Mircea's special Valentine's surprise. ( I can't wait to find out!) On Sunday we're going to recover from Saturday's festivities, but I think we'll meet my friend Rebecca and her husband Pat for lunch (or dinner) at Miguel's as well as take a walking tour of Balboa park and a drive up to the cross on Mt. Soledad that overlooks La Jolla. I still need to take him downtown, so maybe we'll take a quick jaunt down to the Gaslamp Quarter or something so he can at least see it. I really want to go see my favorite local band on Friday night, but Mircea is always so worn out after the plane trip (and the three hour time difference) that I can't justify keeping him up too late when he first gets here. We'll see though, maybe he'll get the urge to dance around like a fool! (With a fool!)

This week is sort of weird. I'm in meetings all day with people that I know from home, so I've answered the question "what the heck are you doing out here?" about a million times followed by "oh, it must be terrible for you". I have stuff I need to do at the office, but won't be in again until Thursday so it will definitely pile up in my absence. And the homework-dear Lord I'm behind on my homework this week. I can't concentrate on ANYTHING!!

This post is entirely too long now. I'll post more when something exciting happens, and I'll definitely post pictures from Mircea's visit. We're taking pictures this time damnit!!


Missy said...

Happy Valentines Day! Have a great weekend with Mircea :)