Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A Funny Email

Yesterday there was a bit of a snafu on a video teleconference that I was on. Basically we thought we were muted, we were not, and all of VTC land saw a guy (Dave) doing a mocking dance of the guy talking and heard me say "he's annoying". It was something special and yet another lesson was learned. (Luckily they only heard a "girl's voice" and those really close could hear what I was saying, but not the masses.) Here's the email that cracked me up. It was my friend John responding to my email which basically said "How bad was it?" before I knew that it wasn't all that bad.

Bravo, Bravo, great show. Although we couldn't make out the words the
voice was immediately recognized as yours. Dave put on a good show as
well with his mockery of "Alan"*. Speaking of Alan, I've been keeping a tally
of the number of questions he asks at FASO each day. Last Wednesday he was
on fire, asking a total of 22 questions between 0830 and 1230. Keep in
mind, this count only includes initial interruptions of the class. It does
not include follow up questions, personal stories, or other off the
wall happenstances. He was actually 30 minutes late the very first day of
class and the instructor had just finished telling us to be careful with food
and drinks around the laptops that we are using. At that moment Alan walked
in, set down his 20 oz coffee right next to a laptop, and reached out to
shake the instructors hand while introducing himself (totally
interrupting everything that was going on). Instead of shaking the
instructors hand, he knocked over his coffee cup and spilled coffee all over
the laptop, desk, floor, and person sitting next him. That was the start of a
long 3 week FASO training course graced with the presence of the one and only
Alan Irish..........If things don't work out with you and Mircea, Alan
is always on the market Miss Hot Pants Kate.

*Name changed to protect his sad sad identity. The saddest thing in the world is that he's not a very bright guy but he's THE NICEST GUY EVER. He means well, he's such a nice guy, but oh Lord, he asks a gazillion questions, always.