Monday, June 04, 2007


Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Mine was rainy and wet, and I moved all my stuff out of the house in that rain and wet. Gross. I have so much more to write, including movie reviews, music reviews and a wild dissertation on animal husbandry, so stay tuned in the coming days.

One quick fun thing. I'm going to a wine and cheese party at the French Embassy tomorrow evening. It's this fancy event and I'm super excited, despite the fact that I will have to sausage myself into some sort of outfit, but it will be neat nonetheless.

Hope everyone is having a great day!


Missy said...

Have fun at the wine and cheese thing!

chantelle said...

wow, aren't you all fancy-schmancy?
have a great time!

mm said...

oooh, that sounds classy. Be sure to provide us with a recap.

SweetwaterBob said...

Sorry your weekend was wet and stormie. Here in San Diego the weather was great. They had the Rock and roll marathon this weekend also. They all had a great day here to run, not too hot or cold. How's the trining going for your MC run? good I hope

Sarah said...

Hope you had fun on Tuesday! Can't ready to hear the fancy stories. :-)