Friday, June 22, 2007

All This Fun Before 9:30 a.m.?

  • Mircea and I have a huge fight this morning. He storms out like a child. Will not take calls.
  • 10 voicemails when I get to work, basically indicating that this huge brief I have to do has no hope of ever being right.
  • Computer doesn't work because NMCI lost a cord.
  • Find cord, access tons of emails because I've been out of the office working elsewhere for 4 days.
  • Boss not there to answer questions
  • Donation center closed. Broke rules and left my donations outside (like everyone else did)
  • Return home to cat vomit EVERYWHERE. Wicked awesome. Had to get the steam cleaner out.
  • Day of cleaning ahead of me because Mircea thinks that if he works all day I should do everything around the house-lest we forget that I work all day too.

I'm just a merry sunshine today. Who knows where I'll live tomorrow, but I'll tell you all this-I'm sick of taking shit from people that are supposed to love me.


mm said...

Damn. I'm sorry you're having such a bad day.
I don't know the extent of your relationship problems, but good for you for saying you won't take shit. Don't let anyone guilt you into doing anything or cut you down (again, just guessing here). I hope you two can talk it out after you both cool down.
Good luck with everything and keep your chin up:)

Sarah said...

Man, you TOTALLY deserve a margarita.
Or three. Or four.
And I agree--don't take shit! You're *way* too good for that. Hope things look up! I'll be on the beach for the next week, but will have my cell phone and will certainly have tons of time on my hands if you need to chat...

Patty said...

I hear ya! Preach! Glad your weekend wasn't complete shit.

Love is a compromise, it shouldn't be a sacrifice.