Monday, June 25, 2007

Good Times, Neat Fun

My weekend definitely got better, despite its rocky (Friday) start. On Saturday I got up and ran (walked) three miles, and then did some lunges, which is why I can hardly move today. When Mircea got home we watched Meet the Fockers, which is pretty funny. I saw it in the theatre, but he’d never seen it before and he liked it enough. Oooh, and Mircea made ribs for dinner and they were so delicious. That man can cook.

Sunday started with me lying in bed doing nothing and watching Made on MTV for a few hours. Then I went over to Marc’s house to play some Nintendo DS and make a pseudo-birthday cake. After a two hour drive back to my house (big ol’ traffic accident) Mircea and I went out on the boat and stopped for dinner and drinks at Clarke’s Landing and then enjoyed an additional libation at the Solomon’s Pier.

This week seems like it will be something special. I am spending the night at Lindsay’s tonight up in DC so I can get to my meeting in the morning. Usually my work would pay for that, but enough idiots dropped the ball that I’m sort of left to my own devices while I brief the International community. Woo hoo! I’m getting excited about Wednesday. I’m going to go swimming with Robyn and then we’re going to go over to our friend Ben’s house for beer pong. And then I get to go home and get my birthday present from Mircea (who has class so he won’t be joining the beer pong). I’m so excited, just because he’s a good, thoughtful gift giver so it should be something interesting. I just love that he puts the thought into it!!!

I hate work. That’s all.


Missy said...

I hate work too...who doesn't? :)

mm said...

I'm glad you had a good weekend....sigh... I wanna go swimming.