Wednesday, March 01, 2006

An Update

Its been awhile since I last updated the blog, but I have just been involved in a flurry of activity. The wedding planning is going really well. In fact, we're done with so much of it that we're starting to feel confident and my nerves are getting a lot better. I was pretty stressed there for awhile, but I'm calming down and finally sleeping again (that was a rough two weeks). As for running, things have been going well, but not famously. The 1/2 marathon is in a week and a half, and I'm not ready at all, though I'm still looking forward to the challenge and maybe I'll surprise myself. Marc is definitely ready, but he has a healthy amount of anxiety about the race as well, as this will be the first time we've ever partcipated in a race.

This weekend we finally checked out the course over in Piney Point. It is a disaster! Marc's portion is nice and flat, but it winds all through the brush on little single car roads (the roads will not be closed). My part is very clear, nice wide shoulders on the road, but its pretty hilly. Dueling banjos come to mind though in this area...its a little "rustic" and "just plain scary". Marc said he was glad we hadn't decided to split up and run our separate parts because it wasn't a place we'd like to run alone!

We also had an interesting movie watching experience this weekend. We watched Grizzly Man, which we feel is a frightening trip inside the mind of a very strange individual. There were some really interesting scenes, wonderful shots of beautiful wildlife and majestic scenery, but all in all it was quite a disturbing movie. I certainly don't think that he got what he "deserved" but when you play with fire you often get burned so his death (as well as his girlfriend's death) should not be a surprise.

Not much else to report. Oh wait, I do have some really fun news. I just got contacts again after a 5 year hiatus this past Friday. I can see so much now, its wonderful. On Monday night I took out my contacts and felt a little bit of stinging, but it wasn't a big deal. Tuesday morning I put my right contact in and ALMOST DIED of the pain. I literally fell to floor in pain and I was unable to open my eye for several minutes. Finally I got my eye open and I tried to get the contact out but I couldn't. I just put the other one in and made my way to work. All morning it was in big-time pain and I couldn't see very well, but I still couldn't get the contact out. At lunch I went home and finally got them out, despite the horrible pain, I felt a little better after they were out. I couldn't keep my left eye open though so I called the doctor. She saw me immediatly and said that I had (are you ready?) sliced through my cornea with my fingernail (eww gross, I know!) She said it was one of the worst she'd seen and she gave me a couple of prescriptions to hopefully heal me. I was so worried that I'd be a pirate bride, but my eye already feels somewhat better, though far from perfect. I felt a little guilty because I skipped my run last night, but I was kind of afraid of getting something in it and it still really hurts. I'm going to cross train tonight, but its kind of hard to drive b/c my right eye is my good eye and I can't wear correction (don't have glasses anymore) so its a little blurry.

Marc is in the UK but he gets home tomorrow night. I'll be glad when he's back so he can be my seeing eye fiance.


Sarah said...

I can't wait to hear how the half-marathon goes!! GOOD LUCK! I'm sure you'll both do great. As far as the cornea thing is concerned, EWWWW. Eye things always freak me out (which is funny because my sister was an optician for a while, I dated an optometrist and am currently dating a vision scientist!) Hope it's feeling a little better.

Chantelle said...

Hun...I can't help it...ARGHHH MATEY!

luv ya!