Sunday, February 12, 2006

Let it Snow

The "blizzard" of 2006 is upon us. Last night, while we were sleeping, about 4 inches of snow piled up around our house. It was really quite pretty and the roads appear to be perfectly clear. Marc and I played "snow day" so we haven't been outside yet, though we've completed a lot of household chores. The one funny thing about the snow is that the power went off last night, and we were a little nervous that it would get terribly cold in the house. The cats seemed to think it was cold, as they were huddled against, but once again, Marc and I were experiencing the hot flashes and night sweats that we've grown accustomed to. Kind of funny when the power is out to be whining that you are too hot, in the middle of a snowstorm.

Well, the running report. Did not have a great week this week. I did ok on our running on Tuesday, and not good at all on Thursday. I really can't run in that damned drill hall anymore. I get so bored, I'm sick of the treadmills, its like 100 degrees in the rooms so I am just sweating and miserable and its hardly worth it. Having said that, we ran 8 miles on Saturday in the drill hall, but it wasn't as bad because we got there as soon as it opened. I started out my run wonderfully. I ran 2 miles with no problems and then I had to stop to quickly use the restroom. I came back and finished up another 2 1/2 and then took some of the Clif Gel we had purchased. It definitely gave me energy and I felt great. Then I had to use the restroom again and when I came back I was only able to run about another mile before I was having some horrible abdominal cramping. I mean, I was doubled over in pain, it was so crazy. I basically had to walk the last 2.5 miles and even that hurt but I did it. I'm going to do some more research on that gel to see if anyone else had the problem or if they were unrelated. I really felt fantastic those first five miles, I felt strong, I felt confindent, and something just clicked and I felt horrible.

Tomorrow is a 5 mile run (Valentine's Day) and I'm nervous about it though I think I can do it. I'm starting to get pretty scared about our 1/2 marathon, but the worst case scenario is that I walk across that finish line because I WILL FINISH.

Tonight is romantic dinner out with Marc. We're celebrating Valentine's early since we have a long run tomorrow.


Patty said...

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