Friday, February 03, 2006

Once Again Frustrated

I get so mad at myself sometimes, and I think it if I were a little easier on myself sometimes I wouldn't have the stress issues that I do. Here's the deal. Attempted to run on Thursday but I had horrible heartburn. I went about a mile and couldn't take it anymore. So I did some floor exercises instead and then just threw in the towel. Today, I could be outside running since it is beautiful, but instead I'm just lazying around the house. I think I would feel better about the little binge I just had downstairs if I ran though. On a whim I just ate some wheat thins with some queso dip and then I had a little piece of cheese. It was about 4 points and I'm just ashamed. I ate over my points on Thursday at the Chinese Buffet (related to the horrible run and heartburn-uh yeah!) and I'm nervous because I intend to partake in a couple of Super Bowl treats this weekend. I wish I had better will-power like I used to, but I'm just so stressed and nutso that I don't.

I should get going. I have a ton of studying to do for school and I want to clean up the house for the Super Bowl party this weekend. Hooray for HD tv!


Sarah said...

I hardly think wheat thins and queso dip constitute as a "binge"--take it easy on yourself! The weather IS gorgeous--I wish I wasn't at work. Maybe you should just try getting out there for a walk and, if you feel inspired in the middle, do a light job. You'll probably feel better and hopefully not so guilty about your (little!) snack.