Monday, February 06, 2006

No More Beating Myself Up

First of all, I'd like to thank my blog buddy Sarah for reminding me not to beat myself up over little stuff and to be proud of my accomplishments. Her words of wisdom have helped me a lot in the past few months, and for that I thank her.

Second, here's a rundown of my mundane weekend. After I posted on Friday that I had my snack, I decided that yes, it was beautiful and that I would take advantage of that beauty and take a run around the neighborhood. I had the best time ever. Two miles isn't hard at all anymore, especially outside. I didn't take my MP3 player with me either, I just enjoyed the sites and sounds of my neighborhood as well as my (less) ragged breathing. It was really enjoyable and it definitely made my day.

On Saturday, Marc and I had an 8-mile run scheduled. We did it! Marc, of course, ran straight through (I'm so proud of him) and I had to walk quite a bit because of side stitches, but I finished at an 11 mile pace, which isn't great, but considering I walked a fair amount, I'm not actually that upset by it. It was really hot in the drill hall and I just kept getting side stitches, though at the start of my workout, I was doing well, but then about 2 miles in I derailed. All in all, I felt satisfied, had no trouble with the runner's trots (like everyone wants to hear about that) and didn't really feel all that tired after the run (maybe because I walked so much.) I did some researching on the good ol' trots and realized that I needed to cutdown on my fiber intake (Marc and I are addicted to fiber cereals) and that really helped. I had a Kashi Go-Lean roll for breakfast before the run and that combo of protein and carbs definitely helped me. I'll have to get more, as they were our emergency food stores for our 1000 mile drive this Christmas!

Marc and I also visited a store, the Patuxent Adventure Center in Solomon's this weekend. It was definitely a great store for biking, but not so great for running, though I was able to buy the Body Glide there (haven't been having chafeing problems, but figured, why not?) and we also purchased some Cliff Gel (since they didn't have any GU). Marc and I are both pretty nervous about these products, but they had been suggested by a friend for our longer runs (mainly the half marathon) so we figured we'd give them a try before we made a big purchase on Amazon (where I've definitely found the best price.)

Sunday we did cross training and we rode bikes at the drill hall as it was nasty out. Marc went 13.5 miles and I went 16.6. He's direct quote was "you haul ass on that thing". I really do, and I have no explanation for it. We rode for 50 minutes and basically, it wasn't hard, it was just really boring. I think we'll try swimming at the drill hall, though I need to find an approriate swimsuit. Honeymoon cruise bikinis are probably not the appropriate gym pool attire.

Ok, I've bored the heck out of everyone (oh, the masses) but that's a full update to our weekend. We're looking forward to this evening, our evening off, as we got TiVo over the weekend and we have many shows to catch up on. Hooray for TiVo!

Oh, and for the no more beating myself up over things, its just not worth it. I totally pigged out last night, our friends made some super yummy food for our super bowl party, as did we. I ate a little more than I should of, but kicking myself today isn't worth it. I'm so close to my goal weight that it kills me, but I'm pretty sure with this level of exercise as well as careful eating (though I'm totally having some more dip tonight) I will attain my goal for the wedding, as well as my goal for life maintenance. I get so mad at myself for cheating, but I'm not really on a diet anymore, I've really changed my lifestyle, and with that there will be ups and downs.

Ok, now I'm done. We now return to your regularly scheduled broadcast.


Sarah said...

I'm glad you had such a good run! An 11-mile pace is nothing to scoff at: YOU RAN 8 MILES!! How many people can say that?
More power to you if you can stomach the gu; I've tried and I just can't do it. I'm not at all good at keeping my calories up when I'm running and that's definitely a downfall. A friend suggested gummy bears--they're like gu in that they're pretty much pure sugar, but they taste better and go down a lot easier. I have a lot of friends, though, who swear by Gu, so I guess whatever floats your boat!

Marc said...

Don't forget about Sport Beans! Initially I scoffed at them, but they seem to stack up nicely against Gu.

Howard said...


At the risk of injecting tooo much pharmacology into your healthy pursuit, if the 'runner's trots' are a problem I have had a couple folks who had some success if they took verapamil ( a type of medication called a calcium channel blocker used for high blood pressure and some other things). I suppose it makes some sense as the most common side effect that is troublsome in clinical use is constipation - maybe it just balances out!