Sunday, March 26, 2006

From Babi to Baby

We had a fairly interesting weekend and I'm not sure the cats will ever recover. We had Friday off, and we've been Babi-sitting this week (my friend Aymen has a kitten named Babi) so we spent a couple of hours over at the house looking after her. We decided to take Fernie over there as we've always joked that she is scared of kittens (she is, but Babi is a little bigger.) This time Fern was the good girl and Babi HATED her! It was funny. Aymen said she was trying to socialize Babi to other animals and I wish her luck with that. Babi was really angry but by the time we took Fern home and came back she was fine and didn't get even slightly upset. It was pretty cute, but it was pretty funny.

Saturday was spent on the wedding invitations. For more fun on that, see our wedding blog. It was a pretty interesting time and I am very worried that our invitations aren't "neat" enough. I tried my best but I really have terrible handwriting. I wrote as slow and as carefully as I could, but my lines are all curvy too. I just don't want our guests to think that I slopped them off in an hour-it took me all day and they still look bad!

Sunday was spent baby-sitting a real baby! My friend Murthlyn's daughther is 6 months old and I watched her while Marc and Murthlyn went to her home inspection (she's buying a new townhome). Ava is just the cutest and sweetest little girl. She was really well behaved adn seemed very interested by the cats. Lily was not happy to have someone getting her mommy's attention, and Fern just kept coming downstairs and screaming at us. Ava loved it. She was smiling really big and putting her hands out so the girls would come to her. Fern did and she seemed pretty well adjusted. Which isn't usually how we decribe her!

Watching Ava really got me thinking. Marc and I have a timeline for children and we both completely agree on it. Its so scary though. You can't get up and go to the bathroom when you want, I didn't get lunch until 3 pm, I was dirty as heck after 5 hours with a baby (I do not like spit though I can tolerate it I need to cleanse big time when spit-time is over) and I can't imagine ever getting chores done! It was crazy. A lesson to the men and women of the world. DO NOT HAVE A BABY UNLESS YOU ARE WILLING TO "HOLD IT" FOR 5 HOURS! I had to tinkle so badly, but it wasn't an option, as she slept for an hour, but during that time I was doing the laundry. Its just a riot, but I had a great time and can't wait to do it again.

Marc is in Chicago until Wednesday. I'm going to clean up the house really nicely for him and I'm sure he'll keep it clean while I'm gone. I can't believe that I only have two more weekends here, and both of them look to be pretty busy!


Chantelle said...

Don't worry about the baby'll be a great mom. Why do you think women have the babies? Because we are the ultimate multi-taskers! On a totally different subject...your wedding day is 10 days after our 3rd anniversary...yay for June weddings! Congratulations!!!!!!