Tuesday, December 30, 2008

5 Days and Counting...

Until fun in the sun! I am sure that I have mentioned that Lindsay and I are going on a cruise, but did I mention that it is in 5 days?!?! I am getting really excited and also really nervous because I fear the unknown and despise crowds. But I know it will work out and Lindsay is really good at reigning in my insanity. I put on my bathing suit this morning and although I am displeased with my shape, I think it will be fine and no one will be paying attention to me, they'll all be having fun in the sun and so will I! And I'm looking forward to eating some wonderful food on the cruise, and that will probably make the suit tighter but that is not important.

Now for a little Christmas update. Mircea and I went down to my parents' house in North Carolina and although I was apprehensive about the trip, it was fantastic. It was so nice to see my family and share in the season. Everyone LOVED Mircea and continually complimented me on what a great guy I had found. He had a really good time too and it was a positive trip. Unfortunately we only had two days there, as we had to get back home to pick up Yukie from the vet. He was so cute when he got home. He loves his Vet girls but he loves to be back with his Daddy (and Mommy to some extent). He slept with us all night and took turns rubbing up against each of us. The girls were less than happy to have him back, but happy to see us. Great Christmas!!

I enjoyed reading all your posts about your Christmas celebrations, scares, and miracles. I am glad that everyone had a good time with their families and friends. I may have time for one more post before I leave, otherwise, I'll be disconnected until the 13th as Lindsay and I cruise the Caribbean. AHHH!


Sarah said...

Have a great cruise! I can't wait to hear how fabulous your vacation was. :-)