Thursday, January 01, 2009

My New Year's Resolution

This year I am making a vow to myself, and to others. This is the last year I am making a resolution to lose weight and "get healthy". I have all the tools, all the support, etc., and I have let my laziness get the better of me. The main reason for my "last year of weight loss resolution" is that I am sick and tired of letting my confidence and self-worth be valued by my pants size. I've let that negative self talk convince me that I am insignificant and that my weight should embarass me and make me hide in my house (which I have done on occasion b/c I'm afraid of being in the company of others). So I vow to do two things; lose weight and stop beating myself up.

I am sure I will enjoy too many treats on the cruise, but I am greatly looking forward to returning to a healthier lifestyle. I have been following a vegetarian diet for the past 3 weeks in preparation for the cruise, and although cheese tastes like Heaven, I am really looking forward to return to MD a reborn Vegan. And although my knee is in no shape for running or even brisk walking, I look forward to a slow but steady return to the gym...a habit that I have let go over the years, but realize it is important. I want to be healthy darnit, and I want to fit in my old clothes-both of these things are important to me, but the healthy part is most important. I want to have kids (eventually, still need that ring, marriage, etc.) and figure now is the time to be healthy so I can be in good physical (and mental) health when it's time for childbearing.

I realize I'm ranting a bit, but I'm also asking for some help. I would like you, dear readers, to be my accountability partners. The way I will do this is with a once a week HONEST blog about the challenges, victories, etc of the weight loss, as well, GASP, my weight. Yeah, I will admit my real weight, and although it starts out a little embarassing, I am hoping that soon I will be proud of the changes I've made. So I thank you in advance. I'm done with this yo-yo b.s. I'm ready to enjoy my life- heavy, slim, healthy, active, etc. I want my life back, no more wallowing in chocolate.


Missy said...

I really need to do the same thing - well, the weight loss thing anyway. I would like to lose at least 10 pounds before getting pregnant again (probably should be more like 15-20 but I am being realistic). ugh... this does not sound very fun... ;)

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Good luck :o)