Sunday, September 07, 2008

Cat Pictures for the Lot of Them!

I have been taking some pictures of the "kids" lately because they've just been so darned cute. Especially that darned Yukon. He really is my teddy bear. Speaking of him, he is scheduled to go to the Vet on Wednesday to get the "knot" on his face looked at. It may be a tooth abcess, but it may be a tumor, which would be horrible, but I need to talk myself off the ledge as he is 15 years old and has lead a great life. Sure hoping it's the tooth. Enjoy the pics-and if you don't like cats, I'm sorry...but come on, they are so cute!!


Patty said...

ah look at that tubby bitch Lily! Gotta love that belly up "RUB ME!" look she gives.

Stephany said...

who doesn't like cats - let me at them - i'll kick their @sses!

Love me some furbabies!

Sarah said...

So cute!! I hope Yukon's okay!!

Jenn said...

Adorable kitties! :)

Thanks for commenting on my blog. It's nice to know that someone is reading it. :)