Friday, August 15, 2008

Words Cannot Express

The anger, the hurt, the sadness over this story on CNN. The article describes how a little baby was killed by his father when he violently shook him. It goes in detail to describe the extent of the injuries, including blindness, that the infant sustained. The baby was 3 months old.

You know who shook him? His father. Because he'd had an argument with the mother and she left to attend an AA meeting because she was upset. Leaving her son with his father. Who shook him to death. Who after further investigation revealed that he had squeezed him to the point of bruising ribs.

I have nothing else to say other than 1.) this man is a royal ______ and 2.) How could someone ever lay their hands on an innocent child. Especially one who is so small and was crying because he cannot communicate any other way.

Rot in hell you bastard.


Anonymous said...

I read that story too and was sickened. You know, my little neice is 2 months old, and I couldn't imagine anything like that happening to her (especially at the hand of her father).

You know what else is sad? The fact that you have to have a licence to be able to to certain things in this country but any dumb f**k can have a kid.

Missy said...

There is just one more reason why I don't watch the news. Hearing this makes me want to vomit. I cannot imagine.

Elle Bee said...

Also, I cannot watch the news (especially after becoming a parent). However, I have a friend who shook his child in a moment of insanity. She's is fine now (and is eight). He was arrested, and now he goes around to high schools and talks to teens about what he did. Praise God that his daughter was okay... being a parent is difficult, and you get driven to your breaking point a lot. But you have to know ahead of time what you are going to do to release the stress. Taking out on your children is never excusable. sad...