Saturday, September 15, 2007

Bowling: Its a Sport, Right?

I joined a bowling league with my friends Ben and Robyn (and our other team mate Kelly, who I'm just getting to know). The four of us are known as the Garage Guzzlers, which is actually Ben and Robyn's beer pong team name (and I'm an honorary member of the team since I guzzle beer in Ben's garage too). We play every Thursday and we are currently in 5th place. We are terrible, mostly because I am horrendous at bowling. My handicap is 122. That's right! My average is 94, and I had such a rough time this last Thursday that I didn't make my average on any game. The guy bowling in the lane next to us bowled a perfect score and it was really awesome. He gets a satin jacket with his name on it, and I think everyone knows how I feel about satin jackets (love 'em).

Things are going well other than that. I'm in a business law class and I really enjoy that. So far the homework isn't too intense so it is ok. I'm getting back on the weightloss and fitness bandwagon and have been doing well all week. It's nice to be "back" a little and not just pigging out all the time for no reason.

I'm walking for the Luekemia and Lymphoma Society tonight. I raised $625 for the event, and our whole team beat their goal of $7k. It should be a great night!

I helped my friend Murthlyn move this morning. I'm so sad. We started at Enterprise together when I first moved here and we both left for Government jobs. She's going to go work for the Department of Homeland Security up in DC. I miss her already!

There Patty, are you happy?


Karen said...

Hey Kate! Paul and I just started in a Bowling league. We only bowl once a month, which is often enough for me! I have not got my handicap yet, that is what last weeks round was for. I am glad you love Yukon, and sorry you have fleas :(.

Patty said...

Better! Now...bowling...hmmmm. Ok so I'm a little jealous because I LOVE those ugly rental shoes. It's seriously sick and I'm seeking counseling for my bad judgement.

I'm going to DANCE DANCE PARTY PARTY starting next week to replace my Kickball Wednesdays. You ask, is it as cool as it, it's cooler! Google it, you'll be jealous too. Maybe not as much as me envying you getting to wear those shoes. You think I'm joking, I almost bought a pair even though I don't bowl enough to justify the purchase.

Sarah said...

Bowling sounds awesome! Russ is in a league and can't get enough of it. Good luck!