Saturday, September 08, 2007

We Have Fleas!

Way Too Small for This Box Does the fun ever start? We are a household of miserable itchies. I never knew fleas had such a taste for's really quite amazing. Other than finding flea dirt behind my ears while I was buying Frontline, my favorite part of the day was giving all four cats a bath. Yukon howls so loud you think you're killing him, Stinky's claws are super sharp, Lily pooped in the tub while I was washing her, and I pretty much gave Fern her bath on my lap, as she wouldn't let go of me. It was just lovely. I've been washing all the bedclothes and spraying spray all over the house, which is giving me a terrible headache and making me think I'm poisoning the whole family. It's really been lovely. Here's hoping they go away in one treatment because I don't want to do the quadruple-bath again. That was painful. I'm glad to have Yukon back, but this is ridiculous. He had flea repellant on, but apparently that didn't work. I still feel bugs all over me, though I know they aren't there. Technically, I have had 4 flea baths today, plus my shins have had quite a Raid treatment, so I'm probably good for awhile. Wish us luck!


Anonymous said...

That sucks. Try Permethrin. Its pet and kid safe. don't spray it on cats as there too small but dogs are ok.
Go to and get the 36% Permethrin (pro use) and mix it with water and spray your flea problem away.
Look on the Raid/bug killer can its probably the active ingrediant (or someother ...ethrin) but at zero point something percent.
If you love the out doors it can be sprayed on yout clothes to protect from ticks and masquitos. Tastes great on crackers too!!!

Or you can use Tempo WP (Weatable Powder) which is also pet and kid friendly (don't spray directly on pets or kids) but will kill EVERYTHING SPiders, ticks, fleas,cockroaches for a complete list go to the Bayer site and check out label. it will leave a trace on dark surfaces. but WPs work the best as they are mixed with water to dispurse but don;t actually get wet. the water evaporates and leaves the powder.
when a spider, flea, cockroach what ever walks through it, it ,for lack of a better word, explodes sticking to and cuts the exoskeleton and kills the bug but not before the bug went back to the nest and spread it to all the other inhabitance. Both are not detectable to bugs so they cannot smell it and avoid it.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Good luck with that problem, that really sucks.



Kate said...

I'm so impressed with your info Russ! Seems like you've been through this before. Thanks for the advice-I'll get cracking on it after work today!


Patty said...

Shanon just found fleas on Wally and she's been using Frontline on him. There were three adults in the bathroom and poor Wally in a tub full of warm water. The fleas will die shortly, they can't live without a host. Just vaccum very well around where the kitties live and you might want to flea dip them. POOR KITTIES (HOWL!)

Stephany said...

Kate & Mierca, I'm so glad the boy is back! Good for you for climbing under the house to get him out. Hope the fleas disappear soon too!

Patty said...

Post or get off the pot...LOL...said the non-poster. I need something to read. I've read all about Shia LeBouff and Rihanna NOT dating.

Throw me a friggin bone, how hard is it to get a shark with a friggin laser beam attached to its friggin head!