Saturday, September 22, 2007

Recipe Thursdays

I was thinking that Thursday would be a good day to share recipes, because we can try them out on the weekends (when most of us have a little more time to cook). I also want to share this cool site I found. WeGottaEat is a cool website that you can type your recipes into and it organizes them pretty nice. Just a suggestion. I joined it (it was free.)

I hope that you will have a chance to post recipes that are tried and true, and I hope that you enjoy the recipes that I post. My first couple recipes will be my most favorite of the past few months because I want to start on a high note!

Happy cooking!! See you Thursday with a recipe.


Sarah said...

I'll so post a recipe on Thursday!

Patty said...

Here's my famous pizza recipe.

Log on to the computer. Look up Apart Pizza (Chicago, IL). (I HATE CHICAGO MEDIA, Baggin on my boy. SCREW THEM! It's on and pissing me off and I'm too lazy to throw the remote at the NBC building.) Order the sausage pizza. Sit and wait forever for the best pizza.

Good luck on the recipes. Ooooo I love this Gundy OSU coach, he went OFF!

Sorry I'm watching sports recaps, but I have a Spinach/Artichoke dip that's to die for. I'll email you the recipe, but you can't share it. HA HA! No, you can post it. Done babbling, time for beddy bye.