Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Its Been, One Week Since I've Updated My Blog

To those Barenaked Ladies fans out there I hope you took a moment to laugh and my stupid joke. I'll give you a second to dry those tears!

I have been so busy and so stressed out lately. I'm also sitting here feeling really fat, maybe I'm just feeling guilty because I had some surprisingly yummy Curry flavored peanut brittle (that seemed to have pistachios in it as well). Tonight we have a 4 mile run, which is just hilarious. This is supposed to be our short run and this is pretty far for me. Marc is doing much better than me, and he was able to run 5.5 miles straight on Saturday, and although I completed my 5 miles, I had to take a couple of walk breaks. I'm just so lazy that I'm not pushing myself like I was before. I get hot and I just want to go home. I think its because I haven't been sleeping well as my mind has been racing, filled with lists, of things to do and things I've done...another sleepless night's begun. (Oh goodness I am just ripe with BNL lyrics today)

The reason I am not sleeping is of course, because of wedding planning. I'm getting really stressed out and feel like I am losing a little bit of control of things that I want for our wedding. Its very easy to get into this situation, but its pretty difficult to get out of it. I'm just really stressing because I'd like to take the time to plan all of this with Marc as its our special day, and we really haven't had a lot of time to do so.

I'm also stressed out because I am also in grad school right now and it is going to put me over the edge. There are papers due all the time and all sorts of posts to make on the web about what other people are doing and commenting on their work. Argh! I'm frustrated, but I don't really think that I should have taken the semester off to do wedding planning. I usually work pretty well under pressure, I think I just need a little sleep. In edition to this stress, I just got a little cold, mostly just a sore throat, but its affecting both my mood and my running. I keep running through it, but I'm not too happy about it either.

Well I guess I should get going. I'm going to update our joint blog with some wedding links and stuff. Hope everyone has a good day and I apologize for whining about my life!


Sarah said...

Planning a wedding can be a stressful experience (or so I've been told--not having the opportunity as of yet to experience it myself! ;-) Hang in there and just remember the reason why you're going through all of this in the first place. Also, running 5 miles is NOT LAZY (even if you do have to walk a lit bit along the way!)