Monday, April 26, 2010

Wedded Bliss

Mircea and I have been married for almost two months and it is great!  There are some subtle, magical changes between engaged (and living together) to married (and still living together).  While Mircea is still really busy with school, and will be for the next four years really, I have been in full on nesting mode.  It's kind of funny all the stuff I let go in our house (painting, decorating, etc) from when we moved in, but all of a sudden I'm in full on clean, organize, decorate mode.  I live and breathe to make our home comfortable and clean.  And sometimes it seems like the cats live and  breathe to make our home furry and stinky. 

Another interesting item of note is that for the first six weeks of our marriage, one of our friends was living with us as she goes through a seperation with her husband.  It was one of those double-edged swords: it was SOOOO nice having my close friend there but it was also hard for my fragile ego to have someone so adorable and wonderful living in our house...and thinking that Mircea wouldn't go "you know, I probably should marry that girl".  It's funny how insecurity works, but it's definitely something that I'm working on.  I don't feel too crazy though, it was definitely a big change, but still, I need to be able to feel confident in our relationship.  I'm only sharing it because it was definitely an interesting way to start out our marriage.  :-)

If you haven't seen wedding pictures, and you're interested, there are a few on our wedding blog and tons on Facebook.

I hope you are all doing well, I feel like with FB I'm definitely not as engaged in Blogland like I had been before.  I think from updates on others blogs that maybe they aren't either.  Either way, I do have some book reviews and yummy recipes to share and will make every effort to update those soon.


livekismet said...

I think even without the insecurity issue it takes time to adjust to having someone stay/live with you for a duration. We are creatures of habit.

How's decorating my room coming along?

Missy said...

I have been ignoring Blogland too, thanks for FB. I am okay with that.
Glad you two are doing well! :)