Monday, June 07, 2010

"Reading" Like Crazy

I've discovered a great way to both read and stay calm during my commute-audio books!  My mood has improved and frankly, I am actually enjoying my time in the car these days.  I've been reading at home like crazy too, although many of them aren't actually on my book challenge list, I'm working my way through those as well.  I don't have a lot of full book reviews to give though; I do think the Classics should be read whether they are enjoyable or not, simply because they are considered literary wonders and were often pivotal works that changed literature as those at the time knew it. 

The books I've read and listened to lately are:

Tender is the Night- this was ok.  It was a little bit confusing at some points but it was a very interesting piece.  I also read The Great Gatsby and I much prefer that book to TisN.  Though I will say this-why oh why are we reading these books in early high school?  I was actually able to look at it a lot more critically as a grown woman that as a child that didn't understand the underlying themes.  (and not because I was a moron)

1984-I freaking loved this book.  LOVED IT!  It was just really interesting and the end got me thinking so much that when it was over (i listened to this one) I drove about 30 minutes in silence thinking about it.  Timeless.

Slaughterhouse Five:  And so it goes.  I did not like this at all.  I liked the interview with Vonnegut at the end of the cd as well as the preface to the book, but other than that, no thank you.

Anthony Bourdain Kitchen Secrets:  Loved this book.  Sometimes I want to dislike him, but at the end of the day he is just a really straightforward guy and I'm glad that he has the No Reservations francise-it suits him. 

Still reading Pride and Prejudice.  Book club is next week and I need to get caught up so we can discuss!

I'm almost 30% done with the book club, but I'm almost 50% through the year so I need to step it up!  I've just been reading a lot of other books too: Jonathan Kellerman and Harlan Coben both released new titles this spring and I had to read those.  I read the Alchemist and started reading Edgar Sawtelle, but I haven't finished that as it got a little strange halfway through.  Seriously folks, read 1984.


Stephany said...

aren't audio books great?! Adam and I have really gotten in to books on cd from the library for our commutes- it makes them so enjoyable! and I feel like i'm accomplishing something at the same time!

Who said...

Personally I loved Slaughterhouse Five. Not in a way that is like, "I'll keep it and hug it forever" kind of way. I really enjoy Vonnegut and just inhaled SH5. You might enjoy Neil Gaiman too. I loved American Gods and Neverwhere.