Thursday, July 30, 2009

To my adoring fans, I've missed you

Ok, so I'm not doing a very good job updating lately. I thought I'd be all smart and put some recipes up here to automatically update while I was busy or whatnot. Oops-didn't post at all so I look some recipe hound (which I actually am!)

As most of you know there's a lot of exciting news right now, and I'll be honest, I'm having trouble enjoying it. I know that it is stupid that I think a ton of people are out there in the world just judging me like "oh, I wonder if she'll get married this time" or "she'll screw it up again, don't worry", and I've sort of robbed myself of the joy of being engaged to the man I love. I know I'm supposed to focus on the positive, but I just feel so...strange about the whole thing. I wonder if it's what people feel like when they are getting married for the second time around. Sort of that "oh, people won't appreciate this or see it as special". I don't know, I'm blathering, but I guess the only way to prove that this is right, is well, for it to be right and it to all go that way that Mircea and I want it to go (which by the way, is something along the lines of happily ever after)

My parents are coming to visit this weekend and this will be the first "clash of the titans" as I like to call, which is obviously the first meeting of both our sets of parents. It should be an interesting time because I really can't think of 4 different people (even the folks married to each other) and putting them all into one little petri dish (my dining room) should be interesting. My big plan is that if they hate each other, I'll just start drinking heavily and they can bond together to discuss what a lush I am. I guess I get something good out of that, right? Oh yeah, a hangover.

I bought some nice bathing suits for St. Lucia. Bathing suits that I won't be wearing unless I get some (a lot) of weight off. I've not been religious with P90x as my knee has been giving me a rough time, but I started physical therapy again (remind me to tell you that little gem) and I'm feeling some improvements. Trying to eat better for sure...which will bring me to my next post...

(how's that for a cliffhanger since I've been such a terrible poster?)


Sarah said...

Try not to let yourself get too wrapped up in what others might think. The people who *matter* think it's awesome that you and Mircea are getting married, and are happy and excited for you! :-)

Elle Bee said...

I don't even know him and I think it's awesome you two are getting married.

Missy said...

Blah to what you think everyone else is thinking. Not worth worrying about. I am looking forward to posts about wedding planning. And it will give you something to write about. :)