Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Fun!

Peace man!
The only fish caught-in tandem

Family PortraitLindsay and her family came down for the weekend to visit with us and enjoy the Pax River Air Show. We had a pretty darned good time, fishing and watching the Blue Angels perform and then returning to the house for a little cookout. It was nice to have their family there with us, and it was just another reminder that I really look forward to having a family with Mircea. On Sunday we actually went over to the Air Show to walk around, but I learned that 6 year olds have the attention span of a flea, so we only walked around for an hour and then headed off to lunch. Lunch, which happened to be Mexican, which happened to be my FOURTH time going to the Mexican joint this week. (And yet, I still lost weight on WW so I guess you can eat what you want, or what makes sense at the time). We rarely go out to eat, but I had all kinds of stuff this week with friends and Mexican was the easiest choice. And I never had the same thing twice and was happy every time!!

I'm Cute



Missy said...

looks like a fun weekend to me! Much better than mine, which was spent inside, doing nothing because it was raining and I feel crummy. :)