Monday, October 13, 2008

It's That Time of Year Again

Yes, Ye Olde Renassaince Faire. I believe I mentioned last year in the aforementioned post that I hate the Renn Faire. Hate it. Robyn's husband went the first year, but last year he boycotted stating that he would "Never ever go again". I followed suit last year and said the very same thing, in a much higher voice. Alas, when Robyn asked us to go this year, I made the crucial mistake of not simply telling her "no way in hell" and asked Mircea if he would like to go. He said "oh yes" in an even higher pitched voice. Plus, we haven't seen Robyn in a long time, and Ben moved up to D.C. a couple months ago, so it is best that we spend some time with them. And then Mircea drops this little b.s. bomb on me. "Kate, I want to work next weekend so I won't be able to go to Renn Fest. But after work I'm going to go watch the Eagles game at a friend's house." Are you effing kidding me? So now I'm going to the damned Renn Fest without my stud muffin. I'm swearing, vowing, promising...NO MORE DAMNED RENN FEST.

**I wrote this the night before we went to the Renn Fest. It's just how I remembered it, but not as hot as last year, thank goodness. And, my Skinny German wasn't there, which is total b.s. since that is pretty much the only thing I was slightly interested in. Also, darned Lindsay made mention of a fried Oreo (that she'd never had either) and I was obsessed with the idea of having one. So Ben's girlfriend and I got some fried treats-some Oreo's and a Twinkie. We each took a bite from the Twinkie and it was trash-worthy, and the Oreo's only redeeming feature is that there was chocolate in it. Our verdict: Underwhelming. Don't waste the calories. I really don't want to go back again, but somehow I have a feeling I'll get drug there. Whatever. It's $12.50. Oh and lest we forget, I missed watching the Colts kick the pants off the Ravens, which is great living near Baltimore. Yeah we stole them, and then we brought them back to kick your butt!!