Thursday, May 10, 2007


Ok, there is some sunshine in my heart today and I'm feeling a lot better. I agree with my commenters-you do have to be low to appreciate your highs and yes, I can get through this!

I have been so super productive at work this morning. I took a "mental health" day on Tuesday and had training yesterday so that was enough to get me back on track professionally. Thank goodness!

Tomorrow I'm getting my haircut, which is one of those "make me look new again" because my hair has become a rat's nest. Here are some of the options-though I might just say to the lady "do anything, make me hot".

Any thoughts?

As I'm getting better with time managment, I'll be able to post some stuff. I have some pictures to share from Key West, fishing expeditions, and a concert review from My Chemical Romance (for all my teenager readers)


LJ said...

A good hair cut is always fun. I'm an advocate. I like the second one a lot!

mm said...

Yay! I'm glad you're feeling better. I agree with lj, the second one is where it's at. Work it, work it.

Shannon said...

I was searching for hair stuff and came across your blog.... I kthink from your profile picture you would be sexy hot with haircut #2...

I'm not really into any of the others, but the first one is one that I have been seeing around alot lately.

Good Luck!