Sunday, May 13, 2007

Caught Me a Marlin

Yesterday Mircea and I went fishing with one of his friends from work (Vince). We got the boat in the water at about 8 am, with the plan to be back home by about 1 pm. Ahh, the best laid plans never work out, do they? We stayed out on the Bay until about 1 , trying to catch the "elusive only to our boat" rockfish, which usually ranges in the 40 inches. Of course we didn't catch one, or three, which was our goal. We went back towards Solomon's Island and had lunch on the water at Stoney's (those people are getting way too much of our money-we always go to one of their locations when we are boating).

We decided to go back out on the Bay to try our hand again, and after we were out there a little while I said "Honey, I think that we should turn on the marine radio-I bet there is some sort of small craft advisory or something" and of course I was vindicated because there was and I quickly believed that we would capsize and became terrified that we were the only boat out on the water. We quickly made it to the safety of the Patuxent River, where the weather was sunny and warm (how quickly things change) and we decided to fish for some smaller bottom feeders. This is when I showed the boys that I was the Bassmaster. I caught a total of 3 fish, but threw 2 of them back because they weren't very big. The two of them managed to catch two little fish apiece, and Vince also managed to catch a skate (which is best described as a football helmet with a tail) with the anchor when he dragged it in. Here's our bounty of the sea...

Do you like how unsure I am of holding this little fish? One of the tiny ones I had caught was very spiky and pinched me so I was scared of this one. Also you can see my haircut, which I don't love. I think it must be blow dryed to be of any value b/c now that my hair is shorter the cowlicks go crazy. Yipee!!

I better get to work. Tons of household chores (as always) and homework to do, so I better be good. Hope everyone had a nice weekend.


mm said...

Oh, the poor fish :(

Your hair looks cute. A little mouse and it will look smashing. You just gotta put a little effort into it.