Monday, April 23, 2007

Lunch Update

My blog has been severely neglected lately, but so has pretty much everything else in my life, other than my teeth. I had the root canal done on Thursday afternoon and was in SEVERE pain up until Saturday evening. It still hurts pretty badly right now, but it is a dull ache in the back of my mind as opposed to the throbbing interruption to my every waking moment. Here's a quick "Weekend Update with Kate"

Friday: Recovered some more from the teeth. Watched lots of I Love Lucy reruns on TV Land. Picked up race packet for the Run for Hospice. Played with the kitties, bought some bananas, and had dinner with Mircea and his mom.

Saturday: So sick from the pain medication I took that I did not "run" for Hospice. I couldn't even walk. All I could really do for more than 5 minutes was lay in bed moaning of pain and vomit in 15 minute intervals. It really was grand. During the day, Mircea and his mom were working outside with assorted chores and I was just laying there sleeping with fat Lily, who was more than happy to have a cuddle buddy. I got up after a great bout of vomit, and chopped down two trees, but quickly realized that my best work was getting done in the sleeping department and I went back to bed. I woke up in so much stomach/tooth pain that I thought I would die, but after 30 minutes of pure retching (I honestly think I threw up my spleen, I'm not even kidding) I felt FANTASTIC! I mean I was on the top of the world. It was great! I think we actually had steak for dinner and it was so good and I was F.I.N.E. fine.

Sunday: Woke up early as sin, saw that I got an "A" in my Strategic Planning course (A on the huge paper that I thought sucked), and spent a few more hours just watching tv in bed. When Mircea finally got up he was like "let's go on the boat right now" so we got the boat ready took it out in the Bay and had a blast. I have the sunburn to prove it. We "drove" all around the bay and went up the Patuxent River and had lunch at Stoney's on Broomes Island. It was pretty good, though the ambience is the best part...pulling up to the restaurant on a boat is just really fun. We realized that we have very different tastes in boating. I am a sailboat kind of girl. I like slowly going through the water, laying down, relaxing, possibly even enjoying a book. Mircea is all about speed, and we were going like 5o the whole time and bouncing around and it just sucked. I liked it, but I like my down time too, so we've agreed we'll "motor-boat" somewhere quickly, drop anchor for awhile, and then motor-boat back. I guess that's a fair trade. We also watched a ton of Planet Earth, on Discovery HD, and it is just great. Loved it loved it loved it!

Well, back to work. I'm always busy, there's never a dull moment, and I'm officially freaked out. I am going to Key West next week and I'll meet up with Rebecca (of San Diego fame) for several meetings for work, and it should be a nice time. I can't wait to see my girl.

Sorry this was boring. There is little "fun" right now as my mouth hurts pretty badly and my sense of humor is waning with all this pressure.


Sarah said...

I'm glad you're finally starting to feel better! Sounds like you went through quite the ordeal this weekend. :-(

drqshadow said...

The visual of you puking, moaning, puking, moaning, rising, cutting down TWO trees, then returning to the puke / moan cycle... that's really funny to me, for some reason. :) One tree was, evidently, not nearly enough.