Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Little Update

Whew, things are a little stressful and busy around here, but I think I’ll survive. The past week I have spent a lot of free time working on my final paper for Strategy and Planning, but I’m still only halfway done. I’m going to finish it up this weekend just in time for its Monday due date. Ugh.

Work has been nuts. I’m learning so much and have so many expectations on me in this short time, but I think it will be a very good thing. I’m working with some really smart people and I think I’ll finally get this Logistics stuff down. Funny story (in retrospect). I moved into my new office today and had all my boxes and my monitor on this little cart (can you see where this is going?) Well the cart tipped over and I managed to grab the monitor (thank you to my personal trainer Fred for these big guns) before it went crashing, but my boxes fell and one of them flew open, spilling the contents of my desk all over the parking garage. A very nice ADMIRAL helped me get it all back in, thankfully letting me pick up my own spare “desk tampons” on my own. So embarrassing. Oh well, funny now, but not so funny then, that’s for sure!

Oh, I have to get a crown and a filling done tomorrow and it only costs my whole life savings. Nice huh?

I probably won’t write for a little while, at least until next week. I’m just too busy with the paper, and Mircea and I are trying to get those puffy kitties to get along and they just aren’t. That Stinky is a meanie!!! But I love her with all my heart.

Oh, I forgot the one shining star in my crappy week. I met Mircea’s mother (Rodika) and stepfather (Mike) last night. They were wonderful!! I loved them both and I love Mircea’s stepbrother and his girlfriend too. Such a nice family and they are all so sweet to me. I seriously LOVE his mom, she is so nice and so fun and now I know for sure where Mircea got it from.

Hope you all have a nice week, weekend, and let’s keep wishing for some Spring weather.


Sarah said...

Hang in there with the paper! You'll *so* get it done. :-) That's awesome that you really like Mircea's parents; that makes such a big difference in a relationship.
And I'm glad the Admiral let you pick up your own tampons; that was very admiral-y of him...

mm said...

Were they the discreet tampons that look like candy? I hope so...

I'm glad you like his family. At least you won't have any drama there. Good luck with everything!