Thursday, November 17, 2005

One Week Gone Already!?

I can't believe it has been a week since I last posted! I can't remember if I ran last Friday, but I remember that my first run of this week was yesterday and it was pretty good. I was doing really well. Had some side pain but was going strong. Only had to stop because I had to use the potty so badly. Came back and did like 5 more minutes, but after my break my knees started hurting so I had to quit. It was only 30 minutes, but it was one of my best runs. I'm just a sucky runner!!

OOOh, we went to North Carolina to see my parents this weekend. On the way there we picked up HITCHIKIERS!! Oh my god, that is not like us at all. These sort of punk looking people (i guess punk is misleading-they listen to punk music, maybe goth is closer) came up to us in a well lit area at a gas station and said they needed a ride to Richmond, which was about 40 minutes away. After talking to them for a little while we realized that they were most likely harmless, so we agreed to drive them down there and drop them off at a McDonalds. I was terrified, but it wasn't that bad and they were telling us about their adventures. 1. I didn't know people hitchiked, 2. I didn't know anyone picked up hitchikers (besides us) and 3. No, we will never do it again. These people were perfectly nice but there is no chance in hell that we will ever do that again. On a funny note, they left their sign in our car, and I wanted to keep it for proof. We had to hide it though b/c I knew my parents would have a shitfit if they found us. So yes it was silly, but it all worked out. Sometimes you just go with your gut. And both of our guts said it was ok, but we were very cautious. I drove and Marc kept his eye on them the whole time and I swear I wasn't watching the road and just the review mirror!

Ok, that's enough. I have class tonight. We're getting our exams today but he said they would be take home essays, so here's hoping it goes ok!!


Sarah said...

I've never picked up hitchhikers, either--I'm always so afraid of the safety issue! When I was in Ecuador my friend and I hitched a ride back to Quito from this place where we went hiking (it was about a 2 hour ride), but everyone hitches in Ecuador, so it's no big deal. We sat in the cab of their truck, and I was scared as hell the whole time because they drove VERY fast around all of these curvy roads and I thought I'd fall right out. To top things off, we "paid" them with some fruit and some beer we had AND THEY OPENED UP THE BEER WHILE THEY WERE DRIVING. Definitely a scary experience, but fun!