Sunday, November 06, 2005

Oh When Can I Run Again?

Hopefully, the answer is Monday. I haven't done a bit of exercise since I got sick and I'm looking forward to trying again. My cough is still going, and I feel a little discomfort in my lungs (I have walking-pnemonia) but I am convinced that exercising tomorrow is in my future. I am going to go to the drill hall too, because that will help me to not give up, as I often do on our treadmill here at home. Its so easy to just go "I'm tired" when I'm at home, and just jump off the machine. At the drill hall I have to drive home, so its more of a deterrent.

Wish me luck, I need it. I'm sure this will be a light jog more than anything, but I look forward to getting back in the saddle. I've gained a little weight, which I am not happy about, so I'd like to get moving again since the holidays are coming and thereby big dinners!!


Sarah said...

My advice is to take it very slowly if you're still having discomfort in your lungs--maybe (and I know this is frustratin) just try walking first, and then if you feel like you can do it maybe jog for a few minutes, but keep it light?

Kate said...

My intention is to go pretty lightly. I don't want to stay sick.