Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wedding Tizzy

I could make up a 101 excuses for not blogging (or write a book of the same title and make millions) but in reality it's three-fold; 1. Facebook is faster and more succint, 2. my life is slightly boring, and 3. all i could talk about is wedding planning and even I don't like that...

...but I'll talk about it anyway. I really thought Mircea and I were making it easy on ourselves by having a destination wedding and a casual reception when we return home. It's not easy. It's never easy. There's all kinds of stress about trying to bring your own photographer to a Sandals resort (but I'm doing it anyway), trying to figure out if having a pulled-pork BBQ is fancy enough and your friends won't think you're a cheap skate, and sending out Save-the-Dates, Bridal Shower invites (Rodica wasn't sure what to do), reception invitations and wedding announcements. It's crazy, but I thought that I wouldn't invite people to the reception from miles away b/c I didn't want them to feel obligated to come, and yet I didn't want to uninclude them so I'm doing seperate announcements. The joy of this is overwhelming since it took me two months to decide on invites that I still haven't ordered because I'm a chicken. I did however, do two fun things. I finally talked Mircea into going to the stores and registering for gifts and we spent a couple hours talking about the kinds of things that we liked, the way we saw our stuff long-term and it was just fun. Even if we don't receive those items, it was just a fun day. The second fun thing I did was order favors for the reception. I'd been against favors mostly because they have the tendancy to be just crap, but I decided on a semi-useful favor, at least for our group of friends. I'm going to do personalized shot glasses, fill the bottom with a little bit of finely crushed pretzel (to look like sand) put a few m&ms on top and a little drink umbrella in it. I saw the idea on the internet and thought it was adorable. Plus, since our friends all like to play quarters and FOUR of my shot glasses have been broken to date, I figure I've just found some easily disposed of shot glasses to use instead of my awesome Purdue ones that have been destroyed.

I'll try to post more. But is anyone even reading?


Sarah said...

I'm reading! And I don't think pulled pork BBQ makes you cheap at all. Russ and I are going to have a BBQ "welcome dinner," then a buffet reception (although since it'll be in the beach house, it's justified because we don't really have room for a plated dinner). I think you just need to order the food that YOU want and say to hell with everyone else. Besides, pulled pork will taste way better than dry chicken or overcooked salmon.