Sunday, April 19, 2009

Oh, I Forgot to Share

As if this week wasn't annoying enough, I finally got news from Human Resources on Tuesday. The news? I got screwed over. There are two pay systems that the Gov't is currently working with, NSPS and the old standard GS pay scale. I am on the GS payscale and the job that I was offered for my promotion was on the NSPS scale. The NSPS scale has a rule that you can't get more than a 5% raise...but HR told me that this wouldn't affect me as I was coming in from the GS pay scale. LIES! It did affect me and I would have only received a tiny raise if I took this other job. So I had to decline, which was annoying, especially after a month of wondering what would happen and being told that I would be getting a considerable raise. (Don't worry, I didn't spend the "money") So I'm pissed, and I will keep waiting and hoping that I can get a promotion within my own program, since the past few weeks have been filled with my program trying to keep me. So we'll see. And yes, I realize that I am very fortunate to even have a job, let alone complain about not getting more than a 5% raise opportunity. I realize that economy isn't going so great (the understatement of the century) but in my area and my career field, I seem to be the only one that is standing there going "why?" while everyone else is compensated for their hard work. Ok, enough bitching, but I had promised an update when I heard something.

Oh and the HR lady was a total waste of space. I ended up calling her supervisor who put a new hire on my case, and he was fantastic. He was learning, but he was very polite and courteous and thank goodness they are getting better people there.


Anonymous said...

Kate, You did not know this but You were not being promoted, You were being reassigned. A reassignment is limited to 5%. A promotion can quailify for a 6% raise and even more in some cases. It sounds like Your new Job offer would have fall into the "Like work Catigory" I have just been thorough what You had gone through. At first I did not recieve a pay raise for my Promotion, that under NSPS was conciderd a reasignment. After six months of learning and fighting, I recieved a 5% pay raise as well as a WGI buy in. WGI buy in is money You are paid for the time You have spent towards Your next Step increase.