Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Word Filled Wednesday

Treat the Earth well. It was not given to you by your parents. It was loaned to you by your children.
- Kenyan proverb

I got this email from SparkPeople today and thought it would be nice to share. I agree with much of what was listed, except the picking flowers part because that isn't really helping the Earth...unless you're weeding your garden, but those aren't flowers.

"Reduce, reuse, and recycle sounds great, but do we really think about (and apply) earth management into our daily lives? You might not litter, but how often do you drive your own vehicle rather than carpooling? What about buying "green" products instead of commercial items made with harmful chemicals? It is easy to disregard the dangers to the environment because there are no immediate consequences to our lives. However, think about how the earth will be in 50 years if everyone lived as you are today. Set a good example to your children of stewardship for the earth by recycling, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, and generally appreciating nature. Instead of going to Disney World, go on a camping trip. Turn off the TV and pick some flowers. This world is not ours alone. It is communally shared with all of the generations before us, and all of those to come after us."

  • I owe you pictures of the new house. It's not all done (not even close) but there are enough rooms to show a little bit of improvement. So you can see that I'm not just sitting around watching Law & Order and the Office. Well, not all the time.
  • I have been reading a lot lately and have some book reviews to provide. Including The Shack, which everyone is talking about these days.
  • I need Valentine suggestions for Mircea. Help me out here, he's been the best boyfriend ever (completely redeeming himself from his behavior last year where he won the worst boyfriend ever award) and I want to do something special. And although I know beef jerky is the way to his heart, I thought I'd try to do something a little more special.


Sarah said...

Is he a sports fan? You could get him tickets to see his favorite sports team, and maybe a jersey to go along with it?

Karen said...

Are you on Sparkpeople?